Why are you reading my blog?

Why are you reading any atheist blog for that matter? Yes for some of you, they were helpful for your deconversion, but why are you still reading them now? What is the point of continually reading one atheist blog and agreeing with everything said? You’ve come out of the dogma of religion only to take on the dogma of another person’s thoughts. Wasn’t the point of deconverting to learn to think, and evaluate evidence for yourself? I want to be challenged not pampered as religion does.

There is so much work to be done in our own communities, are you there helping with your local atheist groups? Are you active politically arguing for reason and science over nonsense?

Our local group has meet ups where I have met the most interesting people, and perhaps helped some come to grips with their family not accepting their atheism. I have met an active minister a member of the clergy project, trying hard to find other work, an atheist immigrant from Iran and several who have found reason and left evangelical lifestyles behind– they need our help and reading or even writing (!) a blog does not help them.

There is a reason the sub title of my blog is “Yet another atheist blog”. I don’t write to flame up controversy for the sake of followers– I write because I see things are not said. That said, I’ll concede more atheist blogs are good, if it translates into real action not keyboard warrior action,

So do you do anything in your local community?



5 thoughts on “Why are you reading my blog?

  1. I read atheist blogs to learn about what other atheists are doing and because I have very few opportunities to interact with other atheists offline. I find many of the atheist blogs I read can be quite inspiring at times and show me that I am not alone no matter how alone I may feel at times.

    There are not any atheist groups in my area, but I do take advantage of the many opportunities I have to promote science, reason, skepticism, and critical thinking in my daily life. I also reach out to provide support to atheists, LGBT individuals, and religious minorities who are struggling to cope with the oppressive environment created here by the Southern Baptist majority.

    Having written an atheist blog for many years, I have heard from many people who say that finding the sort of information we provide online has been very helpful to them. You are right that a blog is not going to help everybody, but it is a way to reach out to those beyond one’s local community. And I think you might be surprised at just how many people report that atheist blogs have been helpful to them in various ways.

    • We need more atheist blogs that reflect what people are doing in the community also blogs exchanging ideas, encouragement, and safe places for discussion are crucial.
      What I do not like are blogs that seem more intent on causing controversy, for the sake of more readers, rather than helping everyone in the movement.
      I do believe your blog is “not guilty as charged” ;).

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