The Church Dude

A group of us through CFI Ottawa got together to watch the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate. Somehow one of the guests, I’ll call him Tony, was an Evangelical christian going to seminary. That was not really a problem as Tony was not trying to convert anyone, at least during the debate and I found myself agreeing with Tony on many things. Tony was as aghast at Ken Ham as the  rest of us and pointed out that most Christians including his branch agreed that evolution was a fact. He was also against dogma, but aren’t we all? Or was he right and most atheists are dogmatic?

After the debate was over and we had some local discussion, that’s when Tony began making his views known. I had thought perhaps he was a Realistic Christian, that is he was an atheist but took many of the good ideas of Christianity into his belief system. It quickly was obvious I was mistaken. He told us he came to his views from personal revelation, he used to be an atheist, and perhaps string theory with its 11 and a half dimensions was somehow where a God could be found. 

The tragedy was his unwillingness to listen as I tried to explain to him why he was illogical, self revelation is not convincing, he used to be an atheist (statement of conversion fallacy) and the misunderstanding of physics. Meanwhile he began to try and convince another young couple that perhaps they did not know and maybe there was a God as he ignored me.

Isn’t part of being dogmatic the unwillingness to listen? 





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