If Real life was like Social Media

I have learned a lot about modern social media since I have joined the party but it has got me to thinking; What if real life was run like some common social media sites?

Here are some real life scenarios and what could happen if real life was like twitter or a blogsite.

You are at a meetup at a restaurant. You make a comment that is misunderstood by someone, instead of asking what you meant they shout.  “You are a (one of MRA, racist, homophobe, transphobe)” for everyone in the restaurant to hear. You are then berated by dozens of their friends before you are escorted out of the restaurant.

You are an artist displaying at an art gallery. One day you walk in to see a display of plastic trinklets next to your painting. You complain to the gallery and when they refuse to move the trinklets you complain to the newspapers. The next day you are escorted out of the gallery and told that you are banned from the gallery because friends of the trinklet artist had signed a petition asking you to be banned.

You are on your way with some friends to see a movie. At the door your ID is checked and, you are told that because of a new computer system you are banned. Someone had put you on their computer system because they did not like your politics.

I think I am getting the hang of modern social media now. Wouldn’t real life be better with these modern social media improvements?


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