The Post That’s More Like A Rant

I’ve long since stopped caring about the atheist feud going on. I don’t know about the rest of you but I plan to just concentrate on doing our local outreach and secular work.

Wading Through The Illusion

I haven’t been the typical ranting cunt you’ve all come to appreciate or simply enjoy in the last few weeks. Now it’s time to blow off some steam. Let me start by saying that I am so over group-think bullshit that I can barely stand looking at my timeline anymore. That’s not to say I’m lacking any enjoyment from the great minds that continue to pass the baton around, taking turns at various methods of trying to get the message across to overly controlling meshuggenehs. I love the gems you fuckers throw out there. Truly. It’s the repeated exposure to what you’re all responding to that is desensitizing me. That’s a dangerous place for me to arrive at due to the fact that I barely give a fuck as it is. That being said, the most powerful motivator for my desire to put anyone on blast has been when I…

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