Comment Policy

It seems I need to advertise my comment policy as I have already had one comment I will not be allowing.

My policy is simple. No insults, no Creationism and/or Theist style commentary.

The no insults one is at my discretion.

The second one:  I have seen how theists comment on other blogs or on youtube. Almost invariably they simply post “But you must read this! Your point is refuted here!” and then give a link as their only comment. That’s an appeal to authority and I won’t have it here. If you can’t think for yourself  and explain your own viewpoint, then you aren’t going to be allowed to comment here. If you are posting dogma without reading or challenging your own, again, it’s gone.

There will likely be more as things go along.


2 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Appeal to authority? Sorry, I don’t quite believe that. If I link to a study, I don’t appeal to authority, but use it as a premise for my argument. It would only be an appeal to authority if it’s “Don’t read this! It’s refuted there, simply believe it.”. Of course, it’s not an argument in itself, but it’s a link to support an argument. So, even as an atheist I think that’s pretty weak, sorry.

    • I’m still working on my policy as I said and, I eventually would have amended to allow links to studies. The problem I had was one individual has posted multiple times, useless comments saying “Your post is refuted here!” and linking to a post they haven’t even written. I am used to theists replying in that fashion. “Go read this post by WLC to see this refuted!”. Mindless. I will not to this be put.

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