“Argumentum ad Twitterum”

After years of bucking the trend of not being on twitter, I finally took the plunge. I’m not a newcomer to social media by any means but, my experience has been on more old fashioned Internet Relay Chat (IRC), e-mail and more recently google+.  To my surprise I have seen the same old errors that were commonly made on IRC and/or e-mail on Twitter. The traditional advice given for Netiquette is just as applicable to Twitter as they were to older forms of social media; e.g. http://www.albion.com/netiquette for one. Twitter with its severe limitations of 140 characters makes it much easier to escalate an argument to unkind name calling rather than nuanced arguments and, there seems to be no principle of charity given. I have seen very good rational writers I have read elsewhere turn into raving angry people I do not recognize– hence  “Argumentum ad Twitterum”.


4 thoughts on ““Argumentum ad Twitterum”

  1. I am engaging in substantive discussion on important issues. If you are not interested in these discussions, then unfollow me. Nobody asked you to follow me.

    What specific tweets do you think were inappropriate?

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