On Trolls

Recently I have seen the battle cry of avowed feminists claiming that ignoring trolls is letting the troll silence women. What people forget is trolls are adult spoiled children, the last thing you do with a spoiled child is give them attention.

e.g. http://www.webmd.com/parenting/features/are-your-children-spoiled

As a one time parent I remember somewhat the temper tantrums of my daughter which always had to be met with firmness since giving into the temper tantrum would just mean more temper tantrums and whining for attention. This also applies to your average spoiled adult troll since you are giving them attention and as they are getting something out of their temper tantrum you are Pavolian rewarding them for bad behaviour.

But what about the sexual insults? The threats of rape? Believe me, I have had this and worse. Think of it this way, these children are trapped in adolescence with the insecurities of their own sexual preferences. It’s a childish throw back. It worked during their teenage years and in their own minds it works to try on adults. Of course a real rape threat or any death threat should be reported, but how many of you have watched “Tweleve angry men”? Yes, that movie. “I’m going to kill you!” is not the wisest thing to say in the heat of anger but how many of you have not said it in the heat of anger? I am not condoning rape threats but education is key here to teach our kids that rape threats and for that matter, death threats are never acceptable, even in the heat of anger.

In my years on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) I became used to the trolling and eventually devoloped my own strategy to deal with it, which I use to this day on other social media outlets. I would indulge in “reverse trolling”. Remember, the troll is trying to push your buttons, the trick is to push their buttons back and get them upset. “I am going to rape you!” I would reply back with “Gotta use a microscope to find it first child.” Obviously I cannot recommend it as a standard technique but that’s how I dealt wth it when I was young and foolish. Nowadays? I just laugh. Children.


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